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Why Choose Peg Perego

Founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego, Peg-Perego revolutionized the market with innovative, safe and ground breaking carriages and strollers. Now in its 3rd generation, the Perego family continue to provide parents around the world with baby products of the highest quality with production facilities in Italy, Canada, the USA and Brazil.


Avant-garde, attention to market changes and foresight have built a successful company which is recognized worldwide for its original ideas in the fields of infant care. Always ensuring the highest quality, respecting international safety regulations and keeping up to speed with the expectations of the modern mom.


Technological innovation, comfortable and durable fabrics, safe materials, painstaking attention to detail and superb performance. Peg Perego products are known all over the world as some of the finest exponents of Italian manufacturing, thanks to the exclusively Italian care behind them.

Peg Perego products offer unparalleled longevity. Choosing a Peg Perego product means feeling safe even after purchase. Our after sales service centre has you covered for years to come to ensure that you get the most of your Peg-Perego.

At Carina Baby we believe that family should always come first. The comfort, convenience and safety of your family is our number one priority.

Our dedicated Carina Baby Team have over 30 years of experience both with Peg Perego products and within the baby industry. We strive to offer the highest customer service to making shopping for your new arrival a personal, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We want you to feel confident in your purchase by knowing that our after sales support team is always on hand to assist. Whether you require assistance with car seat installation, want to order spare parts or require a repair, our workshop and service department is here for you. 

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The Carina Baby Family

Carina Baby

Kareen Matushek

Managing Director

Born and raised in Peg Perego products, Kareen is now the third generation in her family to import and distribute Peg Perego to families in South Africa. Kareen has personally tested all Peg Perego products from prams to high-chairs, car seats to ride-on toys and is an expert in all things Peg. Kareen loves sharing her knowledge and experience with those starting their parenting journey to ensure that their little ones are safe and comfortable.

Having worked abroad for 8 years, Kareen returned to South Africa 5 years ago with the aim of bringing Peg Perego to a new generation of expecting parents. Today's parents are more informed, well prepared and safety conscious than ever before making Peg Perego a perfect match for young South African parents starting their parenting journey.

Baby's Clutch

Lucas Ntuli

Service Department Manager

Lucas has been part of the Peg Perego family for over 25 years. He is the ultimate expert in all things Peg Perego, having pulled apart and put back together almost every Peg Perego product that has been on the market for the past 25 years. Lucas knows the ins and outs of every stroller, car seat and high chair. Whatever the problem might be, Lucas is able to fix it.


As a father of seven, Lucas knows the importance of having a durable and reliable product for your baby. His dedication to the Peg Perego brand shines through in his commitment to repairing even the oldest Peg products. Lucas oversees the Carina Baby's service department team ensuring that your beloved Peg Perego products are treated with the utmost care  when brought in for a service. 

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Lauren Palmer

Social Media Manager

Lauren has been working in social media for the past 5 years where she has learnt some big lessons about the importance of an established brand being well and properly represented in the digital world.

She has seen a huge disconnect between having an incredible product but lacking that human side online which, when it comes to purchases for your kids, is everything. She is a family orientated woman who values the importance of simplicity and reliability in products when it comes to her future family. 


With Peg Perego products she will be able to bring the incredible quality and ease, that comes with such an established and trusted brand, to the digital marketing world whilst showcasing that human side too. Peg Perego is a family orientated business who focus on expanding their family mentality with every purchase of their products. She is so excited to bring Peg Perego to your devices so you get to experience the brand too. 

Carina Baby

Adriaan Smuts

Financial Director

Although Adriaan is new to the world of Peg Perego, he did not hesitate to join the team at Carina Baby immediately ensuring that his son and daughter enjoy the comfort and safety offered by the Peg Perego range of strollers and car seats. Adriaan says “everyone should introduce their little ones to Peg, the quality and design are unparalleled, and the ease of use means you spend less time parenting and more time enjoying the experience. The value for money offered is unbeatable” 


Adriaan mostly spends his time behind the scenes taking care of strategy, marketing and financing but don’t be surprised if you find him sharing his views on why he trusts Peg to look after his own kids.

Carina Baby

Caid Aspden

Account Manager

Being very family orientated, Caid has plans on starting his own family quite soon. What better way to prepare for being a well informed parent than immersing himself in such a unique product like Peg Perego?


Having spent some time living and travelling in Europe, Caid noticed there were a lot of families who struggled with day to day traveling with their travel systems, but assumed that's how it was for young families. When Caid came back to South Africa and was exposed to Peg Perego for the first time, he realised there was a product out there that was so convenient and easy to use. He knew he had to share and introduce  the Peg Perego brand with as many South African families as he could.


Having previous experience in sales work, Caid's role in Carina Baby is the management of online sales accounts and inventory. But knowing how easy it is to handle Peg Perego products, Caid would be more than happy to assist in demonstrating the products and getting you started on your family's new journey.

Sipho Sithole

Service Department Assistant

Following in his father's footsteps, Sipho joined the Carina Baby team 6 years ago assisting his father, Lucas, in the service department. Sipho is responsible for ensuring that all Peg Perego products brought in for servicing leave looking as good as new. 

In addition to his work with Lucas in the service department, Sipho also assists with our warehousing and inventory management making sure that your orders are ready for collection and delivery as efficiently as possible. 

Bertie Posniak

Service Department Manager- Cape Town

Bertie has been involved in the baby industry for over 50 years and has decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to the different baby products available on the market. Having serviced and repaired countless baby products over the years, Bertie is passionate about introducing new parents to the amazing durability, quality and safety that comes with a Peg Perego product. Bertie firmly believes that there is no other product that lasts like a Peg Perego does. 

In addition to his work with Peg Perego, Bertie offers a hiring service for parents in the Cape Town area looking to hire prams, car seats, cribs and high chairs. 

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