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Peg Perego Book Vespa



For young racers looking for greater thrills. Peg Perego rechargeable 12 Volt electrical products are perfect for every type of terrain even the most uneven. They can easily travel over inclines from 10% to 17%, depending on the model.  With names like Ducati, John Deere, Vespa and Polaris your little racers will feel all grown up in these beautiful replicas. 




Ready, steady... go! Ducati GP, an electric motorbike with a roaring engine and a 12-volt rechargeable battery, is designed for young riders aged 3 years and up. It has the same design as the original Moto GP Championship Ducati! Ducati GP is always ready to race, even on uneven terrain, and it speeds along at more than 7 km/h, easily handling slopes with an incline of up to 10%.

Ducati GP can travel at two speeds. The handles are covered with anti-slip rubber, the right handle is also used as the accelerator and the bike can reach 3.8 Km/h in first gear and 7.6 Km/h in second gear. The highest speed can be set by an adult by means of a button located under the tank cap. Ducati GP is equipped with stabilizing wheels (removable) for young drivers who still need a bit of practice. The brake is mechanical, just as with real motorbikes, and is foot-activated.



Agile and rich in details, the Ducati Enduro is the 12 V electric motorbike for children age 3 and up which runs at a speed of nearly 8 km/h and offers unforgettable adventures, even on rough terrain. Unique with its countless stylistic details, such as the horn, the front headlight that reflects the light, giving the impression it is turned on, and the broad matt windshield: but there’s more!

The 3 side tour-packs featured as standard make for an adventurous look. Rubber tread wheels ensure that the Ducati Enduro can tackle even the muddiest terrain. Pedal brake, Iron kickstand and removable stabilizing wheels make the Ducati Enduro perfect for even young adventurers 

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader

Peg Perego has reproduced one of the leading agricultural vehicles in the world, the John Deere. A superior toy that will bring great joy to children.John Deere Ground Loader is part o the great range of John Deere products in the Peg Perego collection. Its unmistakable green and yellow colours make it unique in the world and a great hit with children aged 3 and upwards who are fascinated by electric bulldozers.


Works with a 12 Volt rechargeable battery. Just like its name “Ground Loader” suggests, this is the electric bulldozer with a large grabber that brings the delights of digging, scooping earth and leaves and dumping to all children. The shovel with two different functions is manoeuvred directly from the driver's seat. Using the convenient integral handle positioned in front of the steering wheel, the grabber arm can be raised and lowered to reach the ground. The contents of the shovel can be tipped out using the side lever. It’s even more fun to play to the sound of music. The dashboard under the steering wheel houses an operational FM radio!



Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force

John Deere Ground Force is the exact reproduction of the most famous American tractor in the world. Children will adore its strength, its unmistakable green and yellow colours and its unique features. This beautiful electric tractor is perfect for children from 3 years upwards who love to spend their time playing outdoors.


It operates with a 12 Volt rechargeable battery. Children love John Deere Ground because of its impressive size and its ability to transport great loads. Parents love the excellent quality guaranteed by Peg Perego. Its spacious trailer - included as standard - is a must for those who are serious about their play. It is easy to attach and detach and the hook makes opening and closing a breeze. It has 2 grooved tread tyres so that your child can travel with ease over uneven ground. The three wood effect sideboards enclose the load and the open side makes loading/ unloading easy. A containment panel makes sure that objects do not full out when the vehicle is moving. The John Deere Ground Force dashboard features a fully operational FM radio that children will love!

Peg Perego John Deere Gator HPX

One of the original Peg Perego models in the grand John Deere family, a faithful reproduction of the HPX made by the famous American producer. The electric utility vehicle with 12 volt rechargeable battery is decorated with the unmistakable green and yellow colours that make it unique and recognizable worldwide. John Deere Gator HPX is for those children aged 3 years and over who seek astonishing adventures. John Deere Gator HPX travels on all terrain, even the most uneven and can face inclines of up to 17%.  


John Deere Gator HPX was born to roam through fields in complete safety, with perfect grip ensured by the tread wheels combined with the utmost in traction. It can easily deal with turf but is also stands out for its power and agility on winding roads exhibiting all its 12 Volt power. Its 2-seater compartment allows your child to share many happy moments. It is equipped with an enormous trailer that can be easily lifted from a seated position. The trailer can transport up to 10Kg. As your little one grows you can move the trailer (adjustable in 2 positions) and pull the seat back for more leg room.



The exact reproduction of the original quad from the famous American company, Polaris. Perfect down to every tiny detail, it reproduces the shape and design of the originals. Polaris Outlaw is the electric quad that functions with a 12 V rechargeable battery for children from 3 years upwards who long for adventure. It's great fun to spend time playing outdoors. Polaris Outlaw is the ideal partner for adventures even on uneven ground. Its 4 wheels with grooved tread offer great stability and the enormous footrests create lots of leg space.


The front rollbar offers protection from collisions. Its enveloping design means that any child can drive the Polaris Outlaw in comfort; legs, arms and torso always have enough space whatever the child's size. The Polaris Outlaw has many special features. The strong handlebar is made from shiny lacquered iron with two rubber handles and hand guards. The dashboard features a fake ignition key. The gear lever is located on the tank and has two forward moving gears and reverse. Second gear has a lock to prevent use if required. Movement is initiated via pressing the accelerator pedal that also functions as a brake and is located on the left footplate. The steering wheel has three parts for tight steering.


Corral T-Rex is one of the most traditional Peg Perego models and is still very popular thanks to the new modern version. This is an inimitable electric quad with 12 Volt rechargeable battery for children aged 3 and older, with a rounded, sinuous and gutsy design. Corral T-Rex is the off-road style quad with large wheels and a base that is raised off the ground allowing your child to travel safely off road. Ideal for real adventurers who love simplicity and the guarantee of a comfortable and safe ride. Corral T-Rex was designed so that you child can still drive it even when older. The large seat guarantees driving comfort for young and old alike.


Corral T-Rex has a maximum speed of almost 7 Km/h and faces off-road conditions with ease thanks to its 4 large wheels, the front bumper that protects from accidental bumps and the mud guard that restricts spray. The rear flaps offer additional protection from dirt, make the body work look sleek and prevent scratching. The handles with an anti-slip design guarantee excellent hold of the handle bar even on uneven ground. 

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