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Peg Perego Vespa Book



For young racers who are just starting out in the world of electrical vehicles. Peg Perego rechargeable 6 Volt electrical products are perfect for use on smooth surfaces such as asphalt, cement or tiles. They can travel over inclines of up to 5% . Your little racers will feel all grown up in these beautiful replicas. 




The Mini Ducati motorbike has been especially designed for the very young. It is a 3-wheel electric vehicle that functions with a 6 Volt rechargeable battery. Peg Perego technology allows your child to play at being a little motorcyclist in complete safety, from his very first year. The stickers reproduce the look of the original world championship Ducati Desmosedici.


Mini Ducati has only one speed that is suitable for the young age of drivers (around 3 Km/h). Its reduced steering range allows your child to move with freedom even in small spaces such as those in the home.



Desmosedici is the gutsy electric motor bike that functions with a 6 Volt rechargeable battery, and is suitable for children from 2 years up.


It is accessorised with exclusive Ducati stickers that reproduce the look of the original world championship Ducati. Desmosedici has the features of a real GP motorbike with the comfort of a Peg Perego product.


Its reduced steering range makes it easy to use and extremely comfortable. The handle features an anti-slip grip that guarantees a stable hold even during steering. The wind shield offers protection and wide visibility.


All aboard for lots of fun with the Santa Fé Train! The 6 Volt/4.5 Ah electric train for children 2 and up to drive, with or without tracks. Just like an old train from the Far West! The Santa Fe' Train features realistic details such as a locomotive with a chimney stash and a coal car. With it's built in train sounds, your little one can blow the train whistle, raise the level crossing, or simply enjoy the 'chuff-chuff' sound of the train on its tracks. The conveniently located gear button on the engine handlebar allows your little train conductor to operate the train independently. The train will stop as soon as the gear button is released. 

12 curved tracks are included with the train to take your little engineer all the way out West! The 12 curved tracks form a circle route with a diameter of 195 cm. The train can also be operated without the tracks.



The John Deere Mini Tractor provides endless excitement and is the perfect ride-on vehicle for little kids looking for heavy-duty adventure!


The John Deere Mini Tractor comes with many handy accessories, such as the working lights to play with along the way and a control panel to adjust the sound with a push of a button. With Peg Perego's "All in One" technology, the accelerator pedal, when released, becomes a brake that automatically stops the vehicle. The Mini Tractor can be used both indoors or outdoors on dirt, gravel or smooth level grass. The tractor travels at an easy-riding speed, perfect for beginners who are one year of age.

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