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Peg-Perego products offer exceptional longevity and long lasting use. Many parents choose to reuse their strollers for baby number 2 and 3. Carina Baby offers a full servicing for Peg-Perego strollers to fine tune and get them looking as good as new for your new arrival

Full Stroller Servicing

Peg Perego Elite Modular System
Marble Surface

Looking to give your Peg-Perego products a bit of a freshening up? Carina Baby offers a clean & wash service for Peg- Perego strollers, car seats, modular and travel systems.

Clean & Wash

Peg Perego Clean & Wash
Marble Surface

Peg-Perego battery operated cars and bikes offer kids countless hours of outdoor fun but enthusiastic use and outdoor weather can lead to wear and tear. Carina Baby offers maintenance and servicing for the entire Peg- Perego toy range. 

Toy Maintenance

Peg Perego John Deere Gator HPX
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For all your maintenance needs, Carina Baby has a staff and workshop in Johannesburg and Cape Town dedicated to assisting you with any repairs or spare part orders that your Peg-Perego products might need. 


Peg Perego South Africa Service Department
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